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Official launch of Elevandi Japan K.K.; building an international FinTech ecosystem across Japan and Northeast Asia

Elevandi Japan K.K., a subsidiary of the global not-for-profit organisation, Elevandi, officially launched on 27 October 2023, with the primary objective of establishing an international FinTech ecosystem across Japan and Northeast Asia. Serving as the inaugural overseas branch of Elevandi, initiated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) in August 2021 to foster collaboration and innovation in the digital economy, Elevandi Japan is pioneering efforts to transcend geographical boundaries in the realm of financial technology.


The leadership of Elevandi Japan rests in the capable hands of Takeshi Kito, a FinTech entrepreneur and vice-chairman of the FinTech Association of Japan, alongside Pieter Franken, a FinTech expert and director of Elevandi Japan. Elevandi's strategic initiatives include organizing key events like the Japan FinTech Festival and the Global Financial Infrastructure Forum, scheduled to take place in Tokyo in 2024. According to Kito, Elevandi Japan's mission is to elevate Japan's FinTech ecosystem onto the global stage, fostering dialogue, partnerships, and learning opportunities among policymakers, financial institutions, investors, startups, and technology leaders. He expressed optimism that Elevandi Japan would contribute significantly to the development of FinTech in Japan and the broader region, playing a pivotal role in the social and economic growth of society.

Elevandi Japan