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Inaugural Japan FinTech Festival kicks off in collaboration with key public and private sector players

The inaugural Japan FinTech Festival 2023 has commenced with great enthusiasm across multiple venues in Japan, marking a significant milestone in the country's financial technology landscape. This groundbreaking event is the result of collaborative efforts between key public and private sector players, underscoring a unified commitment to fostering innovation, collaboration, and growth within the FinTech sector. As the festival unfolds, it brings together industry leaders, policymakers, entrepreneurs, and FinTech enthusiasts to explore the latest trends, discuss transformative ideas that have the potential to reshape the future of finance in Japan and beyond.​

The diverse array of venues hosting the Japan FinTech Festival reflects the inclusive nature of this initiative, ensuring widespread participation and engagement. With collaboration at its core, the festival serves as a unique platform for knowledge exchange and networking, fostering an ecosystem that promotes the cross-pollination of ideas and the acceleration of FinTech advancements. As the festival gains momentum, it stands as a compelling demonstration of the collective work of public and private entities to propel Japan's FinTech ecosystem to new heights, solidifying the nation's position as a global hub for financial innovation.

JFF 2023 - Myojoin Shrine Japan FinTech Festival 2023 attendees at one of the festival's host venues; Kanda Myojin Shrine, Tokyo