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Elevandi Japan launches the Japan FinTech Festival 2024 at the Singapore FinTech Festival with launch celebration

Elevandi Japan has set the stage for an exciting financial technology showcase by officially launching the Japan Fintech Festival 2024 during the Singapore FinTech Festival. The vibrant launch celebration marked the beginning of a journey that promises to bring together innovators, industry leaders, and academia for a dynamic exploration of the latest trends and advancements in the FinTech space.

Elevandi Japan's strategic choice of the Singapore FinTech Festival as the launch platform highlights the global significance of the Japan Fintech Festival 2024. It also emphasized the commitment to fostering international collaboration and driving forward the evolution of financial technology landscape in Japan. The festive launch event not only created a buzz within the FinTech community but also laid the foundation for what is anticipated at the festival in March 2024. 

Japan FinTech Festival - launch