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Elevandi Japan joins JFSA’s newly announced Japan FinTech Week 2024

Organiser of the Japan FinTech Festival (JFF), Elevandi Japan has assumed a pivotal role in the newly announced Japan FinTech Week 2024, an initiative spearheaded by the Japan Financial Services Agency (JFSA). This collaboration positions Elevandi Japan as a key participant in the week-long series of events, amplifying its role in shaping the FinTech narrative for Japan. Recognized for fostering innovation, Elevandi's involvement not only emphasizes its commitment to driving positive change within the industry but also aligns seamlessly with the JFSA's mission to position Japan as a leading hub for FinTech excellence.

As part of this strategic partnership, Elevandi Japan's contribution is expected to enhance discussions through roundtables, panels, and networking opportunities throughout the Japan FinTech Week 2024, curating an environment for industry leaders and innovators to converge and collectively advance the fintech landscape. The collaboration marks a significant milestone, emphasizing the dedication to propelling Japan's fintech ecosystem onto the global stage, thereby solidifying the event's status as a crucial catalyst in shaping the future trajectory of financial technology.

Japan FinTech Week