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Japan FinTech Festival 2024 Partners with TuringCerts to Revolutionize Certificate Issuance

Turing Certs

[Tokyo, Japan - March 4, 2024] - The Japan FinTech Festival 2024, the premier event for financial technology innovation, is proud to announce its collaboration with TuringCerts, a leading provider of digital credentialing solutions, to streamline the issuance of Certificates of Attendance for festival participants.

With a mission to drive efficiency, security, and accessibility in credential management, TuringCerts will empower attendees of the Japan FinTech Festival 2024 to receive their Certificates of Attendance seamlessly through its user-friendly platform. Leveraging cutting-edge blockchain and Cybersecurity technology, TuringCerts ensures the authenticity and integrity of each certificate, providing participants with a trusted and verifiable record of their participation in the event.

"We are excited to partner with TuringCerts to enhance the experience of our attendees and revolutionize the way Certificates of Attendance are issued," said Pieter Franken, Co-founder & Representative Director of ELEVANDI JAPAN K.K. "By leveraging innovative digital credentialing solutions, we are furthering our commitment to embracing technology and driving meaningful change within the finance industry."

Key features of TuringCerts' platform include:

Effortless Issuance: Participants will receive their Certificates of Attendance digitally, eliminating the need for manual processing and reducing administrative burden.

Blockchain Security: Each certificate is securely stored and tamper-proof on the blockchain, providing participants with immutable proof of their attendance.

Accessibility: Certificates can be easily accessed and shared online, empowering participants to showcase their achievements and credentials with ease.

"We are honored to support the Japan FinTech Festival 2024 in its mission to foster innovation and collaboration within the finance industry," said Mari Ishikawa, the President of Turing Japan. "By harnessing the power of digital credentials, we aim to provide attendees with a seamless and secure credentialing experience."

For more information about TuringCerts and its digital credentialing solutions, please visit:

Join us at the Japan FinTech Festival 2024 and experience the future of credentialing with TuringCerts.


About TuringCerts:

TuringCerts is a leading provider of digital credentialing solutions, empowering organizations to issue, manage, and verify digital credentials securely and efficiently.

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Regina Lee

Head of Marketing, Turing Certs